Rebuscar is a relatively new project, only two years old, from Calvary Hill, in Arima, Trinidad.  
The band plays a diverse blend of traditional and contemporary sounds from Trinidad,
including parang , parang soca, calypso, zouk, and latin styles.  
The band's name literally translates "to search," deriving from the traditional search for last remaining cacao, sold for Christmas rum.
All of the bandmembers are seasoned performers, with many years' experience.  
The band has performed in Canada, New York City, and in the southern Caribbean.
Rebuscar holds the distinction of being the only group in Trinidad to perform the galeron,
a unique form of parang music incorporating storytelling and improvisation.


Melan Garcia
Band Director--Cuatro, Rhythm Programming, Voice
Stephen Garcia Calbio
Voice, Guitar
Cristo Adonis
Candice Roberts
Tricia Belcon
Background Voice, Toc-Toc
Bobby Boucal
Mitra Siepaul
Cuatro, Voice
Andy Salvary
Amelia Ingram
Flute, Voice

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